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Introducing the Mastercard Halal Lifestyle Benefits Program

Mastercard has opened up a world of possibilities for shariah-compliant cardholders in Indonesia. Now Mastercard cardholders can enjoy benefits that are unique to your Muslim lifestyle preferences, and that accommodate your requirements for Halal food, and a family-friendly experience.  From Halal dinning, to family-friendly Hotel stays, and Muslim-friendly travel packages, to Muslim fashion – you will enjoy special offers and experiences curated especially for you.

Halal Dining Offers

You will enjoy scrumptious meals at select restaurants, while having the peace of mind that all food has been certified Halal. Choose from contemporary cuisines, to traditional favorites; and from fine dining at exquisite locations, to great savings at fast food favorites. Benefits include discounts on your total bill as well as complimentary appetizers or drinks.

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Retail Benefits

Shop for modest clothing and enjoy special discounts at select retailers. Choose from unique Islamic fashion pieces, to contemporary modest fashion.

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Muslim-Friendly Travel

Muslims are becoming savvy and adventurous travelers, and Mastercard® wants to make their travel experiences as memorable and seamless as possible.

The travel itineraries of Muslim travelers are as diverse as Muslims themselves. From sightseeing, to adventure trips, to beach holidays, to shopping experiences – Muslim travelers are seeking new and unique experiences.

While enjoying their holiday, Muslim travelers have basic requirements that need to be met. At the top of the list is the need for Halal food; which can sometimes be challenging to locate when traveling to a non-Muslim country that you are not familiar with. While traveling, many Muslims require prayer facilities, whether it’s a masjid or a room in which they can pray, and for time to be made available for prayer within their trip schedule. If they are traveling during Ramadan, the fasting and payers schedule needs to be accommodated.

Many destinations, hotels and resorts, and travel agencies are catering to the unique needs of Muslim travelers.  In addition, several hotels and resorts are accommodating Muslim needs. Many travel agencies also specialize in Muslim-friendly travel.

Mastercard has curated some of the best travel benefits for its shariah-compliant cardholders in Indonesia and Malaysia. Now you can enjoy a memorable holiday and get great deals without having to worry about whether the food is Halal, as well as your other needs are being considered.

Travel Packages

Take your family on a holiday of a lifetime. Pick from Halal beach holidays to heritage tours, and city escapes. From destinations close to home, to trips to far off lands, you will have a selection of travel packages from providers that cater to the Muslim market and that are sensitive to your values and needs.

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Hotel Offers

Enjoy a luxurious stay at one of our select hotels when you travel for business or for pleasure. Mastercard has handpicked some of the best hotels which have Halal certified kitchens. Benefits include room discounts as well as complimentary amenities, and complimentary breakfast.

Select Hotels have been included where Halal-certified meals may be arranged on a case-by-case basis

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Trends & Reports

The Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2015 is a unique research which looks at in-depth data covering 100 destinations, creating an overall index. It is the most comprehensive research of its kind on the Muslim Travel sector.

The GMTI 2015 studies an enhanced set of metrics and data looks at nine criteria in three areas that contribute to the overall index score for each destination. Each of the criteria is elaborated upon further into this report by selecting the relevant section.
This report will provide travellers, destinations and travel services, as well as investors, comprehensive benchmarks across a number of important criteria, to track the health and the growth of this travel segment. In addition, the GMTI2015 report will help destinations and those responsible for tourism to better benchmark the services they offer and use the detailed analysis in the report to improve processes and how they attract the Muslim traveller.

GMTI 2015